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I am a victim of involuntary commitment.

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The night before my college graduation, I was experiencing severe emotional distress, primarily due to familial disappointment. I felt Force strip search a complete and utter failure for having decided to pursue a career in social work, which my Force strip search had deemed not prestigious enough for an Ivy League graduate. Immediately after saying those words, I was locked in a secluded psychiatric emergency room for over 10 hours.

Despite my protests, sobbing, and explanation that I Force strip search not actually want to die, I was transported in restraints from the psychiatric emergency room to a local psychiatric hospital, where I was confined for 48 hours. The entire experience was absolutely life-shattering for me.

Force strip search one moment, I was a student about to graduate from an Ivy League college; the next moment, I was a Force strip search, powerless, sub-human. The instant I was locked up, the whole world no longer felt safe to me: It has been almost three years since my first involuntary commitment. I still remember every second of what it felt like.

Post-traumatic stress is real: One moment that I re-experience again and again is my strip-search. It is the policy of many psychiatric institutions to strip-search all patients upon arrival.

I am standing across from a mental health worker in the bathroom. She has her arms folded and a scowl on her face. In any other circumstance, I would never agree to anything like this — I am very modest and have even gotten nervous about wearing bathing suits around other people.

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I feel my mouth moving, trying to say something. I had already seen what could happen just for expressing suicidal thoughts; who knows what could happen if I were seen as a patient who does not follow the rules? The terror of being forcibly injected, further restrained or secluded, or held at the hospital for even longer hits me all at once. My body no longer belongs to me. Whatever this mental health worker wants to happen to my body, that is what will happen.

Force strip search she Force strip search me to take off my pants and my underwear, bend over, spread my butt cheeks, and cough. It is all so humiliating.

Panicked thoughts speed through Force strip search mind. No is not an option here. There is no choice, no consent, no opt out. My body is not mine. Instead I just nod and obey her commands. When I have tried to seek support for what happened to me, I have been told countless times that my experience does not count as sexual assault. I am constantly told that both my involuntary commitment and my strip-search were for my own good.

One Force strip search member at a local sexual violence prevention and response center I reached out to asked me if I was a Scientologist. Since Scientologists are often opposed to psychiatric treatment, my trauma was Force strip search to be a reflection of my religious Force strip search, as opposed to a valid reaction to being deprived of my bodily autonomy.

Most hurtful of all have been the reactions of other activists speaking out about sexual violence. When I have tried to get involved with progressive groups, I have been told that the violence that occurs every day in psychiatric institutions is not worth addressing.

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The world needs to know that Force strip search commitment is a form of violence, and strip-searches are a type of sexual assault. It is time for victims of medical and psychiatric abuse to be recognized and validated. Click here to pitch a blog post to Rooted in Rights. The comment dated March 2 at The all upper case words and phrases in the comment are the keyboard equivalent of getting in the face Force strip search someone and yelling at the top of your lungs I am right and you are wrong.

It makes Force strip search other statements unreliable. But, assuming what you are saying is accurate, using restraints on someone not actively trying to harm is inappropriate. A strip search is not sexual abuse as long as it is done by someone of the same gender.

And the argument that someone may have just gotten that Force strip search for sexual gratification takes away from the real issues that happen in psych facilities. At least in my area, the crisis units are no more than human warehouses.

Their only goal is to turn people into zombies with drugs and send them on their way. There is widespread neglect and emotional abuse. But, having known a person who Force strip search seriously mentally ill and a serious threat who has managed to hurt herself while hospitalized, Force strip search is necessary to make sure no one has anything they can hurt themselves or others with.

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What if another patient smuggled in a knife and used it to attack you? Ray Combs, a host of Family Feud Force strip search suicide in a psych hospital. At least in this case, they did have cause for involuntary admission.

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There have been bizarre cases that qualify as kidnapping and false imprisonment. In one case, a young adult college age had the Force strip search and was agitated from the physical illness, they admitted her to a psych ward and coerced her into taking anti psychotic meds rather than treating the flu. In another case, an abusive male decided to retaliate against a female by falsely accusing her of making a threat. The alleged professionals took his word that she sent a letter making a threat…refused to read the letter themselves….

A few Force strip search ago, I came across this website of stories of psychiatric abuse. Force strip search are many more. I forget to mention. He called the authorities and said she threatened to her herself to retaliate. The very first time, I was raped for 2 months by a Psychiatrist. I can speak for myself now, after a decade of hospitalizations that resulted from trying to escape a decade long abusive marriage, many years of therapy, individual and in groups, and also via internet support groups, and I had No problem identifying with what she said.

That you even Posted that comment the way you did Force strip search All of us down who have been victims of the system we have. Not everyone can speak for themselves, and you may feel you did well, trying to speak for some that way, by invalidating Her experience to promote your own, but you Could have done that Same post in a Supportive way, rather than the way you did.

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The FACT Force strip search they had every legal and ethical right to admit her. Her failure to recognize that indicates she is not thinking clearly.

AND just because a person is uncomfortable with invasive medical care does not mean it is abusive. AND claiming people get those jobs because they are perverts is a Force strip search argument.

Security measures such as body...

Sure, it could be, but that is the exception. Force strip search it as an argument against patient safety causes you to lose credibility. The fact that she refuses to accept she needed to be admitted makes the whole story sound irrational. That fact is indisputable. If a person were to give birth, should they cry assault if the doctor touches her?

Should she insist the doctor not look? This person may have felt victimized, but needs to recognized she was not. Feelings of victimization does not mean a violation of rights when there is not really victimization.

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Some people might go into the job because they get a kick out of doing that sort of thing. I think there is definitely a motive to degrade and exert power if nothing else. For me I feel nudity is sexual so to me Force strip search forcible removing of clothes or body scanning is a sexual violation. I would actually rather be raped or sexually assaulted Force strip search because if that happened I would at least get some legal redress and people would validate my feelings.

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When I had a mental health crisis last year I actually kept my suicidal thoughts to myself for fear that this sort of thing Force strip search happen. Doing this only exacerbated my crisis but the scary thing is I would do the same again because it was the lesser evil. I think being a criminal should not give authority figures the right to strip search — criminals are people too.

I always find it quite ironic that they strip rape suspects, many of which are innocent anyway yet I think what they are doing is just as bad as the rape itself. Worse in a way because the victim will get no legal redress.

I almost forgot the communal showers in school. The pain is the same.

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To be mocked and laughed at for it, and even trying to avoid it, yelled at by the coach Force strip search doing so. Derealization and depersonalization and disassociation.

I once had two sheriffs come to my door, hands Force strip search their weapons ready to draw, because they were told I had guns.

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I once had a police officer crouched outside my door, ready to draw on me because they were told I might have weapons. I once had two officers Kick my door Force strip search as I was Trying to unlock and Force strip search it. One punched me in the chest, knocking me to the floor, and then I got punch in the back of the head several times, before they dragged me around and handcuffed me.

The ways they treat each other.

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