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It may be just a word or phrase, sometimes including an intentional misspelling. These small movements tend to spread from person to person via social networksblogsdirect emailor news sources. They may relate to various existing Internet cultures or subculturesoften created or spread on various websites, or by Usenet boards and other such early-Internet communications facilities.

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Fads and sensations tend to grow rapidly on the Internet because the instant communication facilitates word-of-mouth transmission. Some examples include posting a Girl dating multiple guys memes en espanol of people lying down in public places called " planking " and uploading a short video of people dancing to the Harlem Shake.

The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads; [8] Internet memes are a subset of this general meme concept specific to the culture and environment of the Internet. InDawkins characterized an Internet meme as being a meme deliberately altered by human creativity—distinguished from biological genes and his own pre-Internet concept of a meme, which involved mutation by random change and spreading through accurate replication as in Darwinian selection.

In the early days of the Internet, such content was primarily spread via email or Usenet discussion communities. Messageboards and newsgroups were also popular because they allowed a simple method for people to share information or memes with a diverse population of internet users in a short period.

They encourage communication between people, and thus between meme sets, that do not normally come in contact. Furthermore, they actively promote meme-sharing within the messageboard or newsgroup population by asking for feedback, comments, opinions, etc. This format is what gave rise to early internet memes, like the Hampster Dance.

Print matter, radioand television are all essentially passive experiences requiring the reader, listener, or viewer to perform all necessary cognitive processing; in contrast, the social nature of the Internet allows phenomena to propagate more readily.

Many phenomena are also spread via web search engines Girl dating multiple guys memes en espanol, internet forumssocial networking servicessocial news sites, and video hosting services. Much of the Internet's ability to spread information is assisted from results found through search engines, which can allow users to find memes even with obscure information.

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An Internet meme may stay the same or may evolve over time, by chance or through commentary, imitations, parodyor by incorporating news accounts about itself.

Internet memes can evolve and spread extremely rapidly, sometimes reaching worldwide popularity within a few days. Internet memes usually are formed from some social interaction, pop culture reference, or situations people often Girl dating multiple guys memes en espanol themselves in.

Their rapid growth and impact has caught the attention of both researchers and industry.

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Commercially, they are used in viral marketing where they are an inexpensive Girl dating multiple guys memes en espanol of mass advertising. One empirical approach studied meme characteristics and behavior independently from the networks in which they propagated, and reached a set of conclusions concerning successful meme propagation. Multiple opposing studies on media psychology and communication have aimed to characterise and analyse the concept and representations in order to make it accessible for the academic research.

This unit can replicate or mutate. This mutation instead of being generational [8] follows more a viral pattern, [17] giving the Internet memes generally a short life.

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Other theoretical problems with the Internet memes are their behaviour, their type of change, and their teleology. Writing for The Washington Post inDominic Basulto asserted that with the growth of the Internet and the practices of the marketing and advertising industries, memes have come to transmit fewer snippets of human culture that could survive for centuries as originally envisioned by Dawkins, and instead transmit banality at the expense of big ideas.

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Dank memes are a subgenre of memes usually involving meme formats but in a different way to image macros. The term " dank ", which means "a cold, damp place", was later adapted by marijuana smokers to refer to high-quality marijuana, and then became an ironic term for a type of meme, and also becoming synonymous for " cool ".

The meme features the host Andre shooting his co-host Buress in the first frame and then blaming someone else in the second.

This was then adapted to other situations, such as baby boomers blaming millennials for problems that they allegedly caused. Matt Furie's cartoon character Pepe Girl dating multiple guys memes en espanol Frog became an Internet meme when its popularity steadily grew across MyspaceGaia Online and 4chan in Byit had become one of the most popular memes used on 4chan and Tumblr. Since"Rare Pepes" have been posted on the sarcastic "meme market" as if they were trading cards.

After the Girl dating multiple guys memes en espanol of the application Vinea new format of memes was created in the form of short videos and scripted sketches. Vine, in spite of it's closure in earlyhas still retained success through uploads of viral vines onto other sharing social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube. Users on said websites will often upload Vine "compilations", sometimes relating to a theme assigned to the vines or just a collection of assorted vine videos.

Public relations, advertising, and marketing professionals have embraced Internet memes as a form of viral marketing and guerrilla marketing to create marketing " buzz " for their product or service. The practice of using memes to market products or services is known as memetic marketing.

Marketers, for example, use Internet memes to create interest in films that would otherwise not generate positive publicity among critics. The film Snakes on a Plane generated much publicity via this method.

Examples of memetic marketing include the FreeCreditReport.

An Internet meme, commonly known...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Image macro or Memetics. An Opte Project visualization of routing paths through a portion of the Internet.

Memes in Digital Culture. I hope my classicist friends will forgive me if I abbreviate mimeme to meme.

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It should be pronounced to rhyme with 'cream'. Archived from the original on July 9, Paper explained for laymen by Mims, Christopher June 28, The new science of memes".

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Archived from the original on July 18, Archived from the original on 11 May Retrieved 30 November School of Computing Science, Middlesex University. Retrieved 23 April Archived from the original on July 10, Just Became a Dank Meme, Literally". Retrieved 19 May A definition of everyone's new favourite adjective".