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Missing friends quotes for lost friend

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When you move away, or a good friend does, you have to deal with the sadness, yearning, and isolation of being so far from someone you love.

Whenever you feel overcome by these feelings, you can always fill the gap with these quotes that say how much you really miss them! Thanks for being a great friend! Being your friend is such a joy.

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You are that person to me. I miss you terribly! There are moments in life when you miss someone so much, and you just want to magically pluck them out of your dreams. I miss you when something good happens in my life. Talking or texting with you on the phone is just not the same. I miss you now more than ever! You make the good times better and the tough times easier. I miss you my dear friend.

I never thought that I would miss someone like you this bad.

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When you miss someone, you begin and end your day with thoughts of that person. I hope you know that I miss you, Missing friends quotes for lost friend, wherever, whatever!

Now I know that it is. Because I have been missing you ever since you moved away. A day without you is like a day without coffee. And you know how much I love my coffee, right? Missing you big time! I just wanted to let you know that you crossed my mind when I saw this dog at the dog park. He had the same gleeful expression you did when I chose you to be my best friend!

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I miss you, my friend! I knew I had a friend for keeps when I realized you could listen to me talk about my life without envisioning me in a straitjacket. Birds of the same feather really do flock together!

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I miss you, my crazy friend. You are one of my most talented friends. You worry about me almost like my mom, make me feel guilty like my dad, tease me worse than my brothers, and love me more than my boyfriend. I, therefore, conclude that we should get married. I miss you, girlfriend!

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I miss you so much that I decided to get an imaginary friend. But even my new imaginary friend cannot compare to your unique brand of weird and crazy! Hoping to see you real soon.

Someone once told me that best friends will probably outlive husbands. I really miss you, my friend! But maybe not as much as you miss me. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you like an idiot misses the point.

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But above all, I miss our drunken gossip rants at three in the morning while we alternately heave in the toilet.

If the price is right, of course! Just come back home please. I miss our conversations, Missing friends quotes for lost friend the way we can make the most mundane things sound like the most profound.

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Thanks for being a real friend to me. I miss you very much! I wish we can do it face to face again soon. I saw our old photos on Facebook today, and it filled me with such happiness and gratitude. You are truly a blessing. I miss you Missing friends quotes for lost friend I love you!

Many people will walk into your life, but only a few will stay. I miss you already! Over the years, you have never lost faith in me, even if I have lost faith in myself countless of times.

Thank you for always believing in me. I already miss arguing with you.

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