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Sexy woman and sexy man

Porn Base Sexy woman and sexy man.

I am all about being egalitarian, especially when it comes to defining what makes something sexy in a gender. I had previously written about how what makes someone attractive or sexy has changed over the years.

Back in the 60s, it was sexy for women to cook an elaborate meal and be in full make-up for Sexy woman and sexy man her husband came home. Now, it is sexy for a woman to be a bossin-charge of her own life and destiny. In my humble opinion, both represent different aspects of femininity that are equally beautiful in their own ways.

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However, since I made a list about what is timelessly sexy in a man, it would behoove me to pass along the same observations to the ladies. She takes care of her body, in whatever way that may mean to her.

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She is always eager to learn more about the world and herself. She is self-aware enough to make up her own mind about her appearance without letting the media inform her opinion too much.

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She is kind to animals. She is kind to babies.

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She loves reading new books. She loves taking in the art of the world, in whatever medium that may be.

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She knows that men are more than their looks. She wears clothes without stains, patches, or rips.

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She has a hobby besides the one that pays her bills. She invests in herself enough to always work hard. She never reduces anyone to just their looks.

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She brushes her teeth twice a day. She carries cash with her even though cards are in. She texts you back in a timely manner.

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She is willing to pick up the tab, because screw heteronormativity. Her favorite pastime is doing whatever the hell she feels like. She pays her bills on time. She offers to help her friends Sexy woman and sexy man and organize their bar crawls. She is always down to binge-eat a pizza with you at 3 A. She knows when to walk away from a relationship.

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