A married couple has intimate issues and seeks help from a couple therapist. They will be shocked when the therapist asks the man to fuck her to free the beast, for the good of the couple. The controlling wife has must to watch from the sidelines.

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babydoll456 1 month ago
The woman was too stunned to speak
Anonymous 1 month ago
Bitch Is all tits and muffin top how you that big and your ass flat af
Doctor 1 month ago
He has a tumor on his butt cheek
1 month ago
Yeah right
Fiberman69 1 month ago
Lol what Is this
sex queen 3 weeks ago
I love you baby
huhk 1 month ago
1 week ago
I'm readyf
I'm ready for therapy , she turned me on big time
Sheesh 18 hours ago
The dudes wife is way hotter than that crusty trailer park trash chick, he probably nutted and felt instant regret. If they weren’t at therapy he better of called that bitch an Uber ASAP
Yuck 1 week ago
Ugly fat hairy pussy, I nearly gagged