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lol 11 years ago
u white nggaz just mad cuz he get more pussy than you
Failbob101 11 years ago
His Name is OG Mudbone, and His cock is REAL!
And in the most Videos, you See His Balls, if u Gays wann's Watch it
taxes 11 years ago
i hate taxes
haha 9 years ago
he talking bout open ya mouth, shiittt tell that bitch get a bucket
cracker 11 years ago
why you come in this video for tell "ni ger gniger " shut the fuck up its a real dick and you fucking jealous with your small dick don't pass the 1 inch
real 11 years ago
this is real!
so what 11 years ago
damn its some real jealous white men posting comments. You are obviously insecure about your little sorry pink penis
a concerned viewer 11 years ago
she got decimated at the end!
ahmet 11 years ago
man how can it be so big
diontegreens 6 years ago
thats friken a massive dick ;c