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Bbwcream 5 years ago
These two be fuckin shit up. My favorite
Girl 7 years ago
I want to get fucked like that by a guy
Withoutsin 5 years ago
One of their best sex scene. Her ass slapping against his cock sounds great. She sounds so sweet getting fucked
3 years ago
I love her she knows exactly what to do to please her man
kida 5 years ago
Good She's active this time round...
DrkNLvLii 5 years ago
Yesss.... now that's more like it. Best action hands down, when you both lose yourself into each other, and fvcX the camera, it makes for a BEAUTIFUL SCENE. Y'all are SEXY AS HELL TOGETHER (((:
Big dick willie 3 years ago
I love shay sexy ass,
lmao 8 years ago
Random plane in da bckround
Big pole 5 years ago
I wanna fuck her so bad
3 years ago
God this is hot. I love how he grabbed her tits and she backed up on it until she came and went down, and as soon as she went down, he just climbed up on it and started laying it down. Good lord I need a relationship like theirs in my life