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EDDY 8 years ago
I've been wanting to see this movie...i hope its not as bad as the comments make it
curious 8 years ago
I watched the whole thing. And instead of wanking my life away...I'm going to sit at a bar and tell a man I want to suck his cock. Also spoiler alert. The old man with the beard does not fuck her he chooses to die in the same bed as this girl.
Maryu 8 years ago
This movie is some stupid. Not have ex scenes. Only's naked. Well. Thanks.
xxx 7 years ago
wishes 8 years ago
o wosh they had sex with her
Allstar 8 years ago
I want to see what are the most people like.
smart boy 6 years ago
Nice movie
John Ray 5 years ago
This movie sucked real bad the only good thing about it is you get to see Emily Brownings hot sexy body.
annoyed 8 years ago
What the fuck is this bullshit? Fuck off op, I went here to watch porn not critique cinematography and film
MastorSpike 8 years ago
Mine, Probly becuse people wanted to watch a movie after busting a nut.