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2 legit 2 quit 5 years ago
Please hammer don't hurt em
dun4 2 years ago
pls what her name
and how can I fuck her
As soon as I came 7 years ago
Home from school my stepdad made me go straight to the basement. No one else was home so he made me bend over on the old mattress, unzipped his pants and shoved his dick up my twat like an animal. We heard someone come home early so he grabbed my ass and was speed fucking me. He plowed me hard and deep, determined to nut in me even tho we almost got caught. He grunted as he held on tight and busted a hot load just in time.
God of sex 6 months ago
Her ass like a mountain
INDEH 2 years ago
He did what he was supposed to do, I respect it ! Now if that was ever to land in my lap ! Lord Have Mercy !
guy 6 years ago
Bitch like that built only for booty banging
whao 6 years ago
I thought it was a threesome
thebuttxxx 6 years ago
With ass that big i wouldntt mind puting my dick in her ass andd gettin headd
Dr. Butt Stain 1 year ago
Fucking cow!
Debo 2 years ago
I lobe it