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How do you know? 5 years ago
Ppl here talking about he stick his dick into men as well. How do you know - because you obviously watched it. We are all wankers on XNXX. You came here to watch this woman get her pussy stuffed with big dick and toss off. So get on with it and stop the hating. They are fucking for us to enjoy and reach ejaculation. Atleast he’s fucking real pussy....aaarrhhhh “oh shit all over my smart phone”
Host 5 years ago
Angela Valentino. Her only video, tough luck boys.
3 years ago
Im a black female and hate black cocks that curve like his. It hurts and horrible to this brother does do fag porn.
TrueStory 3 years ago
The other day this guy parked in the handicapped spot at his local library. An officer noticed he wasn’t displaying a handicap placard so the officer proceeded to write out a ticket. It was at that moment he pulled out his deformed boomerang dick and the officer simply closed up the ticket book and went about his business.
3 years ago
Her name please...
Realize this 5 years ago
That foot long dick is plowing through actual shit!! Imagine how far into her colon it reaches when he goes balls deep
hot 7 years ago
wow, this guys dick. and hes bloddy hot anytime he can stretch my pussy
3 years ago
That chic has got to be the most boring fuck I've ever seen. Exactly why I am white and refuse to fuck white girls. BORING
3k's 5 years ago
Love the way his dick look (no homo)
Sidewinder 3 years ago
Did he get his dick stuck in an elevator door or something? Shits painful to look at, it’s like scoliosis of the cock.