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Drop2 3 years ago
Sexy ass hips and a phat ass. Yeah she could milk a few nuts out of me.
lildck 7 years ago
wat is her name
Crach 3 years ago
If ur hoe ass gay ass racist ass not here to see a big sexy bitch get fuccc and it's not making you rock up why the fuccc are you must be here to see black dick
mike 7 years ago
One fine bbw queen
slowpoke 5 years ago
What's so sad about these comments with the negativity and racist remarks y'all take the time to watch the video and then say Niger this bitched at but in the end is all about pussy so no matter how big the ass is or the color of the skin just don't watch it if it upset your manhood
Wrong 5 years ago
She's black not white
@you're welcome: for what? her 5 years ago
name is Big Yella. this isn't B Chanel... smh
Mamipimpdemhoes 5 years ago
She's not white ... She's light skin not white! Racist mfkas don't even know what race they r trying to offend smh
Byrd 3 years ago
Please let me know what her name is! Love those BIG AS TITS and the HIPS AND ASS ARE PERFECT!
Most have you guys 5 years ago
Are still virgins