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WTF? 5 years ago
Anyone else notice that shit sticking out of her cunt? WTF is that shit? Nasty!!!!
Herpes 5 years ago
She has herpes
Herpees 5 years ago
Active fucken herpes
HOLY FUCK 5 years ago
Haha 5 years ago
Went to school with this skank hahaha Tori Gaines
Earl 5 years ago
What's that growth on her pussy? A cyst? NASTY...!
Raging herpes 3 years ago
Active raging herpes him at 7:31 and she at 7:40 very visible at least their sharing, shame she's hot
this is fake 6 years ago
I mean who would let a pizza get cold
for 1 pizza!? 7 years ago
id bring that fuckin bitch a stack of 20 pizzas everyday to have her touch my dick
jesus fuck if this was a real scenario i would be angry
Ummmm 8 years ago
"Come in my pussy!" Okay, this dude delivers pizzas, I wouldn't take the chance even if I was on birth control and had a 50 pack of Plan B in my bathroom.