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DevonR2001 9 years ago
It's not gaaaaaaay! This is obviously a woman she just has like a penis where where pussyis supposed to be. Not GAY
give a fuck 9 years ago
To all the fukheads who cum on here saying that its wrong to fuck a woman with a r u doing on here? Huh...mayb your retarded and in denial.
wow 9 years ago
Is it gay if you fuck a shemale?
What's REALLY crazy 10 years ago
People think they need to label themselves based off their preferences on videos, just attracted to beautiful people here...
i have a pussy 1 year ago
bruh i like reading comments and stuff but like fuck why the hell yall calling this damn gurl names like, “tranny”, and “shemale” fucks wrong with y’all
1 year ago
um can people not call HER a "shemale" like respect peoples pronouns ffs
lol 8 years ago
you can tell the guy doesnt love it that much.. 10:40 watch him look at his hand like "wtf eww" KNOWING that the tranny's just another guy.. he's probably just bisexual.. cuz he knows its a guy but he fucks HIM cuz of the female body.. another point for logic
Pansexuality 9 years ago
Read all about it
hornysmurf 10 years ago
why is it as men we have no problem waching 2 women getting it on and find it enjoyable, but when it is 2 men, we get all bent-out-of-shape.
FR65 11 years ago
Gay is homosexual which means liking the same sex, therefore a man liking shemales