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Yasmine 7 years ago
I feel shy coz the problem i see here is: hipocrisis, peoples dirty using porn sites to have opinion about behaviour, principal and comportament...shut up everybody!!! The only diference between u and that person in video is they are doing what u want to do but u are watching and judging...they are poor but all u here( including me) are miserable....go to masturbate stop judge. None here is nothing.
American 5 years ago
This is sick shit from mentally sick people! Sorry I tuned in for the 30 seconds it took to realize what was up! I'm not surprised that the racist fucks got there jabs in early. Sick people are just that, 'sick'...not a race, religion or creed! Don't characterize a whole race bcuz of a few idiots, less you yourself be characterized.
Its Funny 6 years ago
Its funny how people call these folks animals and say they belong in the zoo but I've only seen white men fucking cows, chickens, dogs, and horses online so far.
Mr Cock 7 years ago
Made me laugh. Fucked up people ridddled with disease getting their rocks off, nice! Lol just keep it in Africa ;)
Wtf 7 years ago
Wtf is this shit man%uD83D%uDE02
Jcb 3 years ago
Was that Michael Jackson
these ppl 7 years ago
are haitiAM
they are 7 years ago
White mutherfucker 7 years ago
This is NASTY!
this is how diseases are started
Smael fadh 7 years ago
The fuck ...... What is this man !!!! Crazy