Big girl gone wild, XNXX avatar

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goD* 5 years ago
Why the hell did I press play
Bubby the whale 6 years ago
Like fucking a leather couch
Olskool 7 years ago
There comes a time when a man must know his limitations and that big sista is it
Stp 5 years ago
He is a heck of a man to be able to handle all of that she's so big she look like furniture
ewww 7 years ago
What the fuck I hope this was taking one for the team but I would have just resigned smh
eeewwww 7 years ago
She has heart disease, diabetes, and stroke written all over her.
sinister 5 years ago
That's a huge bitch.... It's like fuckin' a leather sofa, LMAO
HANK 7 years ago
Damn she rally got her ass on her shoulders.
Keeping it a BUCK 3 years ago
I sure do love me a big phat ass but if we’re being honest here, I know damn well I can’t handle that to the point I’m not going to even try. Shout out to homie in the scene for hanging with big mama. I don’t have the length, strength or courage to attempt this beast. She’s built like a final boss of a video game lol. No cap though, that ass spread at the end was looking nice.
Alex 6 years ago
What did I just jerk off to