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/rson 3 years ago
I saw the thumbnail and the title and was like "oh... Oh no... Not the dog....... "
Bigsmokenigga420 3 years ago
Did anyone else get concerned about the thumbnail and the title.
Trevor 3 years ago
What a horrible cock that guy has
Jez 5 years ago
This cracked me up. 'You're a spunky cunt now'
Lol 1 year ago
What the dog doin
WTF 6 years ago
Irfan tha hindu guy i guess is lucky lolz..
Nope. 3 months ago
So beyond all the ridiculous English style dirty talk, they've been married for seven years, are close to 50 each, and yet there's teen in the title and a dog on the thumbnail. The fuck?

Other than that, dude is a lucky guy. She's amazing.
irfan 6 years ago
my daughter mariyam was fucking a hindu kafir ,plzz help me
Rdl 5 years ago
Id pound that arse, what a babe
Peter 1 year ago
This man is fat and ugly not cute. And how the hell are 6 Million people seeing this sh*it. He better go and k*ill himself for this thumbnail.