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Mad Max 11 years ago
I love watching my wife fuck. She loves dick so much. Sloppy seconds is such a turn on!
cucky tom 1 year ago
I bet they live rent free.

Perfect. And a perfect wife.

I'd love to be her hubby, watching and waiting for her pussy juices afterwards....yummy. I bet he comes around three or four times a day and at weekend he fetches his buddies.

I wish she was my wife, having them all seed in her, she fucks well
cucky tom 1 year ago
This would be the ideal situation for me. Having a landlord like him coming around and him and the wife making a deal giving us an extra couple of weeks to pay. he'd make me watch while he takes her. Of cause we'd always be behind with the rent. Eventually he would pimp her out to his buddies and then become his whore.
jackhammer 8 years ago
Nothing wrong with another man fucking your wife. Mine has done it many times. If she were so ugly nobody wanted to fuck, then I would not want to either.
Truth 1 year ago
Ain’t no way that black guy is a landlord
2 years ago
My wife was reluctant to fuck a black man but would always watch bbc porn finally she gave in and we are both glad
Lucky One 8 years ago
Don't you just love a wife that slams her pussy on another guy like this one.
Swinging 11 years ago
Same here Max! At first I had to force my wife to fuck with others. But now she is unstoppable. I love watching her or participate.
Tiffany 3 years ago
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Vin 10 months ago
Only very few women are so lucky to have cuckold husbands who enjoys sharing her with other cocks. Nothing is better than satisfying a beautiful wife while cuckold hubby is watching and cheering.