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I cum for the comments! 5 years ago
Who actually buys into this shit ?
3 years ago
Haha shit be funny "white woman want big black cock" well that's fine you can have all those trailer trash white hoes, we'll take your black woman cause we all know them hood bitches be fucking me better than any white slut ever could.
Nigga Sabbath 5 years ago
Thank God I'm black but im respectful enough and know better then to mess around with someones wife white/black idc
Anon 3 years ago
From a white guy who has slept with a black girl, who cares? These videos are for cucks who have a fetish for this stuff- if you think it's real sure there are white girls who prefer black guys and black girls who prefer white guys - end of the day does it really matter? If you are getting it and taking care of your partner then you got nothing to worry about-face this shit is ridiculous seeing all the racist comments from.both sides
The fact behind a fact 5 years ago
If you're a white man with black descendance/heritage, you're entitled to getting more then a black guy. Size is just visual. Performance is what truly matters.
JGTF 5 years ago
(Cont'd from last comment) O.k., folks, the jig is up. This video sample was produced for the entertainment of people who enjoy viewing black man/white woman interracial sex. This fallacious principal has been perpetuated for more than 100 years, and is not likely to slow down anytime soon. Just don't let it brainwash you into believing it's true.
I’m a white girl. 5 years ago
This is most definitely not true. Lol. For any one that believes this shit is a simple moron. My bf is obviously white and his cock is huge. That’s a fact
@White girl 5 years ago
Wrong, black cock is not the best. Try living a little, girl.
3 years ago
Don't worry boys, no white girl I know find black men attractive, let alone their dicks. I just can't get off to a black guy. Very few are very attractive imo.
Hao 5 years ago
Black guys dicks looks like a big turd. Fucking disgusting