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Stupidmaknupid 5 years ago
Im a Caucasian male and i jus want to say that i hate my racist ass race, get online and talk the most racist shit but see black men allday and won't say shit. Fucking cowards oh yeah, your white girl wants a bbc sooo fucking bad just ask her if she say no shes lying
Horny 5 years ago
I just wana suck them balls
Seriously? 5 years ago
Yall are arguing on a porn site?
Whitey 5 years ago
I'd love for that black cock to stretch out my ass
tompig 5 years ago
O know her name it's WHO THE FUCK CARES! What is his name OMIGAWD!
Some guy 5 years ago
Those balls are saggier than my step moms titties
@Guess who 5 years ago
Then why are you on the video, dumbfuck?
Lmfao 5 years ago
White people hella dirty and lame
fake 5 years ago
this dudes balls hang way too low. my balls hang pretty low but damn
Wow 5 years ago
Yet you're here on the video. you must love black people a lot of you have the courage to leave two comments on this video about them. You're dick is probably smaller than that guys' dick anyway so sit down little guy and let the real boys work.