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Not Femdom. 2 years ago
There is nothing wrong with any human enjoying anal stimulation. Sorry not sorry Boomers. He is not even close to being "dominated".

( and neither is some cunt that lays on the bed like a dead fish ) Don't play the word games. Whoever is doing the most work is the "submissive".
Tina 1 year ago
I’m about to do my husband with my new strap on hopefully he can take it all
Girl 11 months ago
This was really hot ! The beginning his reactions look like it’s his first time and he is so surprised it feels so good. His cock rock hard throughout the whole thing! Loved it, came 3 times with my wand. I want to eat my fiancé’s asshole and maybe stick a finger in there but I am not sure he would be willing. I’m gonna get close to his asshole next time I am sucking his dick and see what he does, I just want to pleasure him. Wish me luck
2 years ago
Who is that guy? He it HOT
Rod Wilcox 1 year ago
Dudes got an awesome looking dick and he ain't even sticking it in no pussy?
3 years ago
Fucking wow
3 years ago
This is hot
Anonymous 10 months ago
I found Nate from euphoria
Chris 1 year ago
OMG what a dream! I would be coming in seconds
Jthonglicker 2 years ago
The girl in white is the sexiest woman i have ever seen