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Alice 3 years ago
All the men on here saying “oh he should have fucked her” clearly have never made a girl react like this. I came twice, I’d kill for more men to know how to touch more women like this.
3 years ago
Sorry, but this idiots retarded haircut just bothers the shit out of me.
Fuckmehard 3 years ago
I think he likes her
3 years ago
So you fingered a girl for an hour. Something wrong with your dick
3 years ago
This made my bawl my eyes out....directly after i came.. I have been begging my fiance for a year to touch me this way.
Ahwi 3 years ago
This man Is a God! Seriusly
2 years ago
All the guys saying he should’ve fucked her clearly have never made a woman cum lol
Daddy's Dick 3 years ago
She is like the byproduct of a weird international orgy
Anonymous 3 years ago
I want this
How 3 years ago
Can i book him?