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3 years ago
This ain't real. REAL black woman, after like the 10th question about that phone, woulda been like "Look, nigga, you either after this pussy or playing Inspector Gadget about my phone but you ain't doing both"
Bruh 3 years ago
His limp dick ass
Mr dick her down 3 years ago
This nigga dick don't work ️
If that’s punishment.. 3 years ago
She ain’t answering the phone ever again lmfao
Me and you 3 years ago
Why are you slaping her .
Babeeegirl2020 3 years ago
His "Who were you talking to, why didn't you answer your phone" took me out of the moment. Ugh.
Blackgurl 3 years ago
I will never answer my phone if i get this treatment im jealous of her
3 years ago
She fine asf! She look like she dont even know it too. I'll have talking to me confidence through the roof. Cant do that just laying there shit. She act like she thinking damn hurry up!
3 years ago
This is one hell of a great fuck
3 years ago
It was hot until I realized he’s just a shitty controlling boyfriend. Other men can fuck like that without being an asshole sis. Go get you one.