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Oral Master 3 years ago
Message to all guys: STFU! You ruin these videos! Best video I ever saw was of two girls going at it with a guy “telling them what to do.” Finally one of the girls yells “SHUT UP!” The guy responds “But it makes it hotter,” to which the girl replies “IT DOES NOT!”
Rita 2 years ago
Typical....fucking controlling guy ruins hot video. I stopped watching because of him.
2 years ago
The guy needs to stfu and let the women have their fun
1 year ago
Men ruin everything.
BiRita 1 year ago
The fucking pimp, running his mouth and interfering really ruined the video!
BiRita 1 year ago
Dumb guy messed up their magic.
Piss 1 year ago
It’s piss
Anonymous 11 months ago
Men just keep ruining these videos
Bill 1 year ago
Totally worthless
Super loose. 4 months ago
If her pussy was any looser that other girl could have crawled in there. And the guy talking needs to STFU.